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Service #1

Retail Outlets: Fuel Accessibility

Our extensive network of retail outlets represents a cornerstone of our business, serving as vital touchpoints that bring petroleum products closer to consumers. These filling stations are not just places to fuel up; they embody our dedication to convenience, affordability, and accessibility. Accessibility for All: Our strategically positioned retail outlets ensure that petroleum products are within reach for consumers, whether in bustling urban centers or remote rural areas. Strategic Expansion Vision: We are steadfast in our ambition to strengthen our corporate footprint by expanding our retail outlets to encompass every state capital and major town across Nigeria, fostering a nation-wide presence.

Service #2

Oil and Gas: Powering the Nation's Needs

At Danmarna Petroleum Limited, we specialize in the bulk procurement and seamless distribution of petroleum products to meet the energy demands of our diverse clientele spread across the nation. Our efficient distribution network is designed to ensure the timely and reliable availability of oil and gas products. Efficient Bulk Supply: We play a crucial role as retail marketers by procuring petroleum products in bulk and distributing them to a wide spectrum of consumers. This includes corporate entities, private businesses, healthcare facilities, restaurants/fast food outlets, filling stations, and individual consumers. Affordability for All: Our mission is to democratize access to oil and gas products by offering competitive prices and affordable services, enabling everyone to benefit from our high-quality offerings.

Service #3

Transportation Services: Reliable Mobility

Our dedicated fleet of trucks forms the backbone of our distribution operations, ensuring the seamless transportation of petroleum products across the length and breadth of Nigeria. We prioritize reliability, safety, and efficiency to deliver products on time, every time. Versatile Fleet: Our fleet comprises over 150 trucks with varying capacities, including 10,000, 45,000, 50,000, and 60,000 liters, allowing us to cater to diverse transportation needs and volumes. Comprehensive Care: Operating from our state-of-the-art transport yard, we not only house our fleet but also carry out regular maintenance and repairs, ensuring the highest standards of safety, performance, and longevity for our vehicles.

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