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Retail Outlets

Our filling stations serve as our major retail outlets and we also regard them as one of our most valuable assets. This is because with our numerous outlets we are able to bring petroleum products closer to the end-users at a reasonable price.

The existence of our retail outlets helps us build a strong corporate presence across the nation. We have a long-term strategic plan of opening up retail outlets in all state capitals and major towns in Nigeria.

Oil and Gas

We engage in the bulk purchase and sales of petroleum products to our customers and partners around the country.

Since we want every consumer of oil and gas products to enjoy our affordable services, we function as retail marketers by supplying our products to corporate organisations, private businesses, hospitals, restaurants/fast food outlets, filling stations, and individuals.

Transport Services

Our fleet of trucks is used to transport petroleum products across all parts of Nigeria. We currently have over 150 trucks with 10,000 litres, 45,000 litres, 50,000 litres, and 60,000 litres capacity.

Danmarna Petroleum Limited has a transport yard that conveniently accommodates all our trucks and it also serves as a maintenance and repair ground for the vehicles.